Welcome to Amtec Corporation

Our mission is to deliver superior solutions from concept to reality for our customers.

We accomplish this mission by providing Services & Products that leverage our Experience & Abilities to Design, Build and Test solutions to customer problems starting where they are and enabling them to accomplish their near, mid and long term objectives. Read more below...

DESIGN - Starting from a blank piece of paper, the back of an envelope or your well thought out concept, Amtec’s scientists, engineers and designers can develop detailed system requirements and designs to solve your problems from simple to complex.

BUILD - From the system requirements and design, Amtec’s engineers, designers, machinists and technicians can rapidly build prototype or turn-key hardware and/or software systems to solve your problems from simple to complex.

TEST - From the system requirements and designs, Amtec’s engineers and technicians can verify system functionality and validate system performance to confirm that our solution solves your problem from simple to complex.

Our highly skilled scientists, engineers, designers, machinists, technicians, support staff, managers and executives are the foundation of our organization and the key to our success. We thrive on interesting, challenging work and can provide solutions to your most complex problems. Amtec is committed to our customer’s success, our employee family, and the community in which we work and live.

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